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About Ken

Coder, Blogger & Researcher

Who is Ken Peluso?

Ken Peluso is an entrepreneur with multiple  businesses including HYROX & CrossFit Affiliate CrossFit TEF and Two Labs LeadGen, a local SEO and digital marketing agency based in Maryland.

With over two decades of experience boosting organic growth and sales for businesses, Ken launched Two Labs LeadGen to help growth-stage companies harness the full potential of Internet marketing.

Ken specializes in creating comprehensive digital strategies tailored to their client’s unique business goals through data-driven approaches with diverse clients including roofing contractors, interior designers, and CrossFit gym owners.

Ken’s passion project is a CrossFit gym called The Endurance Factory Fitness, home of CrossFit TEF, where he serves as CEO and Head Coach. He holds a CrossFit Level 2 certification and Spartan SGX Level 2 certification.
When he’s not working with clients or coaching at his gym, you can find Peluso tackling an intense HYROX race or other fitness challenge.
As a husband and father, he describes his family life as “insanely beautiful.” Known for bringing energy and encouragement, Ken helps athletes and business owners achieve their goals.

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